Froobi Daily Deals:Froobi Frog Bag Clips (6 pack)

Officials predict prolonged high food prices! Food prices will remain higher in the next decade then in the past 10 years, as agricultural production slows and demand increases, one way to stay on top is to buy in bulk and package it yourself. This set of 6 Cute Froobi Frog Chip Clips keeps your chips & other treats from going stale, so why not clip your chips in style? The Frog Chip Clips are adorable and will keep your bags fresh! These chip clips are a great present and easy to use.

List Price: $7.99
Froobi Price: $0.79
You Save: 89%
Rebate: Up To 90 Swag Bucks
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The Activa Women’s Multi-function Digital Watch is designed with a lightweight plastic case, a silver-tone plastic bezel, and a buckled pink-and-blue plastic wristband, making it a great accessory for athletes. The sporty timepiece is also constructed with a clear plastic window that shields the square digital-green dial, which features a digital time display as well as the day, date, and month. Light, Reset, Start, and Mode function buttons surround the dial and allow you to personalize your workouts. Powered by digital-quartz movement, the timepiece is water resistant to 165 feet.

List Price: $49.99
Froobi Price: $12.99
You Save: 74%
Rebate: 296 Swag Bucks
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