Monica & Regina’s Comment Round-Up

Hi!  This is Regina from the CS Department. I’m going to help out here in the blog, every other week to get some major questions answered.
I’ve been here a little over a month now and I’m loving it.

I’ve seen a wide range of questions and concerns within this month.   My goal is to help get your questions answered quickly and correctly.
Please feel free to send over any questions to me/CS department, don’t be scared  – I’m only 5’1.

Here is my first blog – I hope everyone can benefit from it.

What is SwagStakes?  How do I enter? What does it mean when I am entered into a Swagstakes? Did I win?

Swagstakes are the Swagbucks version of Sweepstakes. Instead of redeeming Swag Bucks for a prize, you can snag an entry or multiple entries to win a prize.

We have 2 ways you can enter into a Swagstakes –You can use your own Swag Bucks and enter into your choice of Swagstakes. The second way, you can enter (or automatically be entered) is by taking one of our surveys and (unfortunately) getting disqualified for any reason.  For the disqualification, we automatically enter you in to a Swagstakes to win 1000 Swag Bucks.

We have 2 different kinds of entries, Limited Entry and Limited Time.

Limited Entry Swagstakes mean only a pre-determined amount of total entries will be accepted before a winner is randomly chosen.

Limited Time Swagstakes mean that there is no cap on total amount of entries, and a winner will be randomly chosen after a pre-determined amount of time.

If you are entering to win a Limited Time Swagstakes you can enter more than once. Some, but not all of the Limited Entry Swagstakes allow for multiple entries. You can always re-enter to win a Limited Entry Swagstakes if the winner has been chosen and the same prize is available again.

Finding the winners to a Swagstakes can be found in your Account Page.  You will have a list of each Swagstakes you’ve entered and its status.

Many Swagstakes run continuously. Each time a Swagstakes re-starts, another unit of the prize item is made available. So if you entered and didn’t win, just wait around…you might get another chance within minutes!