Renew Your Resolutions

We are over halfway through the year and if you are like me your New Year’s Resolutions are distant memories.  But don’t throw in the towel just yet, we still have 5 more months in 2011 to accomplish our goals.  And you can earn some extra Swag Bucks in the process with the following Special Offers.

Was your resolution to lose weight?

Check out the offer from Weight Watchers: Purchase a Weight Watchers Online subscription or a Monthly Pass to meetings and earn a cool 315 Swag Bucks!

Was your resolution to get fit?

24 Hour Fitness is the offer you want.  Sign up for the Free 7-Day All-Club Pass and check out a 24 Hour Fitness near you for free and pocket 45 Swag Bucks.

Maybe you want to get out of the house more often?

How about a deal on a dinner and movie? Buy a $50 Gift Certificate to use at restaurants around the country for only $20.  Not only do you get a discount on a yummy meal but you will also earn 450 Swag Bucks.

Maybe you wanted to stay home and spend more time with the family?

The Netflix offer could be for you; sign up for Netflix and earn 900 Swag Bucks in the process.

All of these offers are available under the TrialPay tab in the Special Offers section.  If your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t fall into any of the above categories take a look at the variety of offers available and you might find one perfectly suited for your needs.  And most importantly – earn Swag Bucks at the same time!


Team Swagbucks