Reverse Auction Coming Soon! Prize Revealed!

Hey Swaggernauts – time to get pumped up!  In just a few days we will be introducing an awesome prize to the Swag Store.  If you’re looking for the most stylish and Eco-friendly way to jam out to your music, the Fold & Play Recycled Speakers are the way to go!

These awesome, unique, and Eco-friendly speakers are a must have!  Named one of “Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2009,” the Fold & Play Recycled Speakers can be plugged into any audio device with a headphone jack.  They’ll be conveniently shipped to you in a flat package that can be quickly folded into 2 cubes, making portability as easy as pie!  Approved by Mother Nature, this set of speakers is made from recycled paper, and does not require any external power.  Perfect for traveling, a day at the beach, camping out, dorm rooms, or simply around the house, you can easily take your music wherever you go!

Now here’s the catch.  We will only be stocking the Swag Store with ONE set of speakers.  If you want to snag them, listen up!  This Friday, July 22nd, at 12pm PDT we will be running a reverse auction for this item only.  We will start it at a set price, and every fifteen minutes, the price will drop.  The first person to snag the prize will get it.  So if you have your eye on them, you should try to snag them towards the start of the reverse auction.  The longer you wait, the lower the price, but the better possibility that somebody will snag them before you.

Get excited and stay tuned for more details!