Score Big With Fyoozed

For those of you out there who like your games to require quick thinking and cat-like reflexes, we’ve added Fyoozed (pronounced like “fused”); it’s a game where you connect colored dots with pure electricity and make them explode for points. Connect at least two at a time vertically, horizontally or diagonally – you can even skip one space. There are multipliers hidden throughout to score you extra points, and the more dots you connect in one shot, the more you score.

The challenge? You get 1 minute to score as much as possible. If you don’t think it gets tense, you’ve got another thing coming, and you’ll want to get really good really fast because we’ve got special tournaments running today only – you enter for just 4 Swag Bucks and the lone winner of each tournament will get a minimum of 1000 Swag Bucks – more depending on the number of entrants!

Prepare to be “Fyoozed” to your monitor!