See Swagasaurus Run

If you love playing Swagasaurus Run on SB Games, you’re going to want to take part in Swagasaurus Marathon Madness. For the next week, we’re running a series of special tournaments – enter for just 4 Swag Bucks, with the chance to win at least 1000!

If you haven’t played before, the game is simple – keep Swagasaurus Bux running and hopping along the landscape, jumping gaps in the land and hopping over prickly Stegosauri of varying sizes (jump by clicking the left mouse button). Sound too easy? Think again – the further you go, the faster it gets, becoming a test of your reflexes, timing, and knowledge of the Cretaceous Period. Well, maybe not your Cretaceous knowledge, but the other two things for sure.

Think you have what it takes to run with Bux? Time to put your Swag Bucks where your mouth is.