Sleeping Beauty

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It’s very important that we all get our beauty rest, as a good night’s sleep will typically get you energized and ready to take on the long days.  But is your nighttime routine allowing you to get the best rest?  I found an article on that I’d like to share with you.  It highlights methods and techniques to use to get a better night’s sleep.


If you have trouble sleeping out night, cardio exercise is the natural cure!  “A recent study indicated that in women over 55, 20 minutes of cardio four times a week could change ‘poor sleepers’ into good sleepers’.”  Plus, you’ll get added benefits throughout your day, as you’ll feel more energized, have better circulation, a boosted immune system, less stress, and a firmer body.

Take Naps

If you can’t seem to get enough Z’s in over night, you might want to indulge in a nice afternoon nap.  “According to scientists at NIMH and Harvard, napping can reverse information overload and prevent burnout.”  Plus, it can even increase your productivity.

Ease Off The Caffeine

Caffeine has different affects on everyone.  But it can certainly hinder anyone from getting a good night’s sleep.  “Some studies suggest that morning coffee alone can mess with your ability to sleep at night. If you’re not ready to fully abandon it though, look at ways to cut back.”

Power Down

You need to get your mind in sleep mode.  To do so, shut down your computers, TVs, smartphones, or whatever it may be that’s distracting your mind before bedtime.  You should be without these devices for at least an hour before you settle in for the night.

Picture Nature and other Peaceful Scenes

Aside from counting sheep – which may or may not help – try imagining a quite, peaceful, and serene environment.  It’s almost like a form of meditation.  This will help you ease your mind so you can relax and slip into a deep sleep.

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Do you have a nighttime tip you’d like to share?