Swag Code Hunt

Who’s ready for a Swag Code Hunt??  Well, listen up and be sure to follow the instructions.

One of the ways to Earn (found on the left sidebar of the homepage), can be unscrambled to form a common word that could be a synonym for the word “prepared.”  Take that word and search for it in the Swag Store to find your next clue.
Where there’s a clue, there will be a bolded capital letter somewhere in the product description. Write the letters down as you collect them, and once you collect all 5 letters from all 5 clues, you will be able to unscramble them to form a common word.  Search that word in the Swag Store to find the code.
You have until 3pm PDT to find the hidden code worth 12 Swag Bucks.
Please remember that it is against the rules to share active codes.  As you find the letters, please keep it to yourself.  Do not announce where the letters can be found, either.

Good luck!