Swagbucks Book Club-Half The Woman I Used To Be

Welcome to the latest installment of the Swagbucks Book Club.  As usual, please help yourself to some lemonade and get comfy as we discuss this month’s book.  Join in the discussion and your input might just earn you some bonus Swag Bucks.

Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb

This month we read Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb.  This story of Stevie Barrett-post bariatric surgery causing a 170 pound weight loss and completely new view on life-was completely new to me and perhaps to you, too.  I found it while looking around for good book recommendations and I am sure glad I did.  The author does a terrific job of weaving current day Stevie with the story of Stevie’s childhood growing up with a schizophrenic mother, Helen, who in the opening pages plunges Stevie and her little sister, Sunshine,  into a raging river resulting in death for both Helen and Sunshine, and a lifetime of guilt for Stevie.  Like many people Stevie buried this guilt and truth about her life under a mountain of food.  But once the ability to eat her emotions was removed she was left with no choice but to deal with them head on.  While Stevie’s circumstances may have been extreme, her challenges are ones we can all relate to – fear of abandonment, low self-esteem, trust issues, dealing with toxic friendships and when to do the right thing.

I hope you enjoyed Such a Pretty Face.  As we did last month, I will pose discussion topics in the comments section.  Don’t forget next month’s book is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  It is available in the Swag Store for the Kindle for only 1199 Swag Bucks, or it is available through the History Book Club under Special Offers where you can earn a rebate up to 900 Swag Bucks (Go to TrialPay, click the More tab, then find it under Books and Learning), or you can always use your Amazon Gift Cards.


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