Trusted Surveys, Part 2

From time to time one can encounter issues when taking a trusted survey. These issues can range from not being credited for a survey to not being able to complete a survey because your browser timed out. There may even be times when you visit the trusted surveys dashboard and you’re staring at a blank page. Here are a few tips on what to do in these situations:
No Credits for Completed Surveys
What do you do when you have completed a survey, but have not received credit for it? First, make sure you give the survey 72 hours to credit to your account. If you have waited the full 72 hours and you still have not received credit then it’s time to contact Customer Support. Some helpful information to include when contacting CS is time and date of the survey completion, name of the survey, and if possible a screenshot of the completion page with the URL. All this information will help our CS team when researching the issue.
Browser Incompatibility
Some surveys may not be compatible with all browsers. It’s safer to stick to browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox when taking your surveys.
When you experience an issue while in the surveys, if possible, take a screenshot and include the URL. This will help our Customer Support team research the problem.
No Surveys in my Dashboard
When you visit your Trusted Surveys dashboard and you are greeted with the message, “you do not qualify for any surveys at this time,” don’t panic, it’s possible that you may have taken all the surveys you qualify for at this time. However, if it has been days or even weeks since you had surveys in your dashboard then it’s time to contact customer support.

Contacting Customer Support
To contact customer support visit our FAQs page and click on the purple “Contact Us” button in the upper right hand corner. Make sure you select “trusted surveys” in the drop down menu and for “Offer Name” put Surveys.

I hope this blog was helpful. Be on the lookout for the last installment of this three part series on Trusted Surveys.

Until Next Time,