Week in Review – July 23, 2011

How’s everyone’s weekend so far?  Any exciting Summer activities going on today?

Let’s review our past week at Swagbucks.

On Monday we announced the Week 4 winner of our Design Swag Nation’s Flag Contest.  After everyone voted for their favorite Week 4 design out of everyone’s impressive submissions, swaggernut pulled through with the victory.  Here is his winning design that has taken one of the last spots in the finals:

On Tuesday Nicole from Team Swagbucks wrote her final part of her 3-part Trusted Surveys series.  If you’ve been wondering why you’re getting disqualified from surveys and why it takes so long into the process to find out that you’re disqualified, click here to read the blog post.

On Wednesday we led you guys on a fun Swag Code Hunt.  If you followed the instructions correctly and used your best Sherlock Holmes techniques, you should have found the 12 Swag Buck code.  For those of you who played along, did you find the code?  Did you have fun collecting all of the clues?

On Thursday we announced the Week 5 finalists for our Design Swag Nation’s Flag Contest.  You had until Friday at 5pm PDT to vote for your favorite which would become the last finalist in the contest.  Make sure to check back on Monday to see which design took the last spot.

Yesterday we ran a very successful and exciting Reverse Auction for Fold ‘n’ Play Recycled Speakers.  The item started at 4,000 Swag Bucks and decreased in price every 15 minutes.  The first person to snag the item got it.  Lucky Swaggernaut, 42984298, won the prize at the price of 2,500 Swag Bucks.  Congratulations – enjoy your speakers!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!