Wouldja Widget?

Many of you were lucky enough to find the 7 Swag Buck code that was hidden in the Swidget for the past hour.  But, I’m willing to bet that a lot of you just looked at that last sentence and went, “huh?”  And it’s those Swaggernauts that I am addressing in this post.

If you thought Swagbucks was easy enough, it just got easier.  The Swagbucks Swidget is an awesome and convenient tool that gives you easy access to searching, prizes, the blog, and Swag Codes.  With the click of a button, the Swagbucks experience can be brought to your website, blog, or social network.

So how do you get the Swidget?  Simply click on “Widget” under the “Promote” tab of Swagbucks.com:

Next, click on “Get Widget”:

From here you’ll be able to choose which outlet you want to embed the Swidget onto:

And there you have it! Even more ways to earn and be rewarded!

To those of you who already use the Swidget, what’s your favorite thing about it?