A highly-earned, long-awaited Swag Code!

You guys did it!  Thanks to you, we gave away over 150 of the featured gift cards over the course of last week, and because of everything you did, you’ve earned a whopping 20 Swag Buck code!  Congratulations on reaching the goals, and enjoy your 20 Swag Bucks!

So how do you find the 20 Swag Bucks?  Well, go to the product descriptions of each of the five Limited Entry Swagstakes that were highlighted last week.  Take the first letter of the description AND the last letter of the description (before it says “For official rules click here”).  Once you have all ten letters, find a two word anagram using those letters that is a synonym for “Lawn Manor.”  Take the first word of the anagram and search for it in the Swag Store to find your code!

You have until 3pm PDT!

Happy Hunting!