A Laborious Gift!

Our friends over at The Gift App are all about creating fun virtual gifts that you can send to your Facebook friends. For Labor Day, they’ve created a really fun gift featuring TSGal, Swagosaurus Bux and yours truly. It’s a take off on the famous Rosie the Riveter image, which was an important piece of advertising in the US effort to have every American do their part to win World War II.:

It’s animated, and you may recognize the opening image from one of our Collector’s Bills. Best of all, it’s only 10 Tokens to send to any of your Facebook friends. We’re NOT offering and Swag Bucks incentive for sending gifts, but since we gave you the chance to build a 20 Swag Buck code last week, I figured I’d do it again this week. Here’s how: we’ve created a set of goals for the total number of Swagbucks Labor Day gifts sent. For each goal you hit, we add 5 to a code that you’ll get next Tuesday, September 6th. Here are the goals:

125 Gifts Sent

250 Gifts Sent

500 Gifts Sent

1000 Gifts Sent


We’ll have a page up tomorrow that will keep a running tally of the total number of gifts sent, and when you tweet using the hashtag #TSGalTGA, that tweet will show up on the page too. Who knows – we might even hook some people up for using it…

You have until 11:59pm PDT on Monday, September 5th to send those gifts – remember though – the goal isn’t to overwhelm people – this doesn’t mean that you should spam all of your contacts with this gift – we think it’s a fun gift, and a great way to start a conversation about Swagbucks with someone, and we encourage you to use it and get some fun and value out of it.

Enjoy, Swaggernauts!