Ask the Swag Gal – August 17, 2011

Today’s question comes from a user looking to make the most out of a small space:

My family is starting to store all of our summer things away to prepare for the fall/winter season soon, but our living space is limited. I was wondering if you have any space saver or storage ideas for my family.

It can be difficult to figure out the best ways to make use of small spaces.  When it comes to storage, every little corner counts, and you have to be strategic when placing things and putting thing away.  Here’s a list of some storage ideas for smaller areas that I put together with the help of

1. Don’t underestimate the value of under bed storage.  This is a great spot for beach towels, extra sheets and blankets, and all that off-season clothing.  Rolling under bed bins make for much easier and more convenient access.

2.  Baskets may not be new or unique, but they’re highly functional.  Place it in an inconspicuous spot or add it as an accent piece.  Fill it up with pool toys, floaties, sunscreen, or anything else you are not planning on using for a while.

3.  Old luggage and travel trunks make for great duel purpose pieces.  Stack up your suitcases for a great looking coffee or side table, while holding your seasonal items throughout the year.

4.  “Peg-board is one of the most versatile storage pieces for small to mid-sized items. Julia Child was famous for her peg-board pot rack where each pot and pan was outlined on the board so they could be put back always in the same spot for easy access. This idea could be replicated for smaller kitchen or craft items or in the garage for rakes and shovels.”

5.  A wooden, lidded box can make for a great footstool with the added benefit of hidden storage. Simply upholster the outside of the box in your favorite fabric for a custom piece that’s attractive and serves not one but two functions.

6.  “Clear plastic bins with secure lids are an organizers dream.  The secure lid will keep moisture and dirt out and the clear sides will allow you to view the contents without having to pull it off a shelf and open it up. Great for stacking in out of the way spots like attics, basements and garages.”

7.  Fabric perfect for storage in unusual spaces.  Cover an open side table with a tailored fabric cloth and use the underneath space as storage.

8.  “Hanging shoe organizers aren’t for shoes alone.  They make use of the unused space behind or on the front of a closet door (or any door for that matter). And, in addition to shoes, they can store men’s ties, scarves, mittens and hats, craft items or small office supplies like staples or scotch tape.”

And now I pose this question to our Swaggernauts – do you have any space-saving storage tips?


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