Can we share Swag Codes?

Don’t you love that feeling you get every time you find a Swag Code?  Does your heart start pounding?  Do you feel your smile stretch from ear-to-ear?  Do you jump for joy?  However you choose to express your excitement is perfectly appropriate.  Swag Codes are a fun and interactive way for you to earn free Swag Bucks!

But what if you’re so excited you feel the need to share the Swag Code with your friends, your family, or your blog’s audience?  Is that okay?  Well, I’m going to go over a few guidelines for sharing Swag Codes that should help shed some light on this topic.

Am I allowed to post a direct link to a blog post, Facebook post,
Twitter post, etc. with an active code in the post?
The simple answer is no.  Just like you found your code, everyone should be able to find the code on their own.  However, you may tell your friends to “check the latest blog post,” or “check Twitter for a code,” similar to the hints that you sometimes see in the Swidget.
Am I allowed to state where in a blog post the code is located, like “…end of the blog post”?
Again, the simple answer is no.  If you direct them to the blog, they shouldn’t need help finding the code within a blog post.  Anyone reading the blogs appropriately will find the code without a problem.
Am I allowed to copy and repost a Facebook status update that has a HINT to a code? (Not an active code)
Sure!  If we post a status with a code hint on Facebook, you can certainly share that status with your friends, because it has already been made public.
Am I allowed to “Share” or “RT” a Swagbucks Facebook status update or Tweet with an active code?
No.  That would just be the same as reposting an active code, which is against our rules.  Feel free, however, to point them to Facebook or Twitter to inform them of an active code.
I hope you’ve found these answers helpful.  If you’d like more information regarding Swag Codes, click here.