Comment Hookups

From Tim Morgan's photostream

For the past few months now you have probably noticed that I am hooking people up for their comments.  But what does that mean?  Well, throughout the day I visit the blog, the Swag Store, and SBTV to read the comments that you Swaggernauts may have left.  I pick three users a day – one from the blog, one from the store, and one from SBTV – who have written insightful, positive, and/or constructive comments.  These can be reviews, tips, relevant questions or stories, etc.  These three users each get hooked up with 100 Swag Bucks.  Here are yesterday’s winning comments:

Blog: I would love to win this!! I want to play games with my kids but I just can’t use those controlers! (Luvvone)

Store: I want the pink one, but i like the blue and orange one too! I’m new and i don’t have even a fraction for this, but ill try my best. (Nancy60)

SBTV: I love the changing area idea. As a hopefully soone 2 be mommy that was an awesome tip. (scantrell82)

See, it pays to share your opinion – literally.  You could be next!