Contact Us List of Categories

To reach the customer support team for any questions, you will have to go to our Contact Us link on our page.

For your reference, here is the link:

Since, our site is growing; we have decided to update our type list in the drop down.  We want to make it easier for you to choose a category regarding your question and get it answered in a timely manner. After researching, cases and case types, we found adding and removing types in drop down would help.  We do not want you to get to our drop down list of categories and see that there isn’t a category for your question because there should be one for any type of question now.

Here are the additional types:








The only one that was removed was Miscellaneous.












Also, under Trusted Surveys category, we’ve added a sub-type Inbox. Inbox survey refers to the surveys you may receive in your Swagbucks inbox.