Gift Card Swagstakes: See Vee Ess

Hey Swaggernauts!

It’s day two of our code-building, Limited Entry Swagstakes promotion.  Yesterday we started with the $25 Amazon Gift Card, and boy did you guys hit it out of the park!  We gave you a challenge – every time we gave away the $25 Gift Card (meaning all 99 entries were snagged), the base of Monday’s master code increased by 1 Swag Buck, with a cap of 10 Swag Bucks.  You guys managed to achieve this goal in under an hour!  You were so savvy, we just had to give you another challenge.  We said if we give out 50 cards, we’ll give you a 5 Swag Buck code, and you did not disappoint.  We managed to give away $2,175 in Amazon Gift Cards over the last 24 hours just from the $25 Amazon Gift Card promotion!

Today’s Swagstakes is for the $10 CVS Gift Card.  CVS is one of the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, with over 7,000 stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico.  You can literally find anything and everything you need, plus fill all of your prescriptions.  You can snag an entry for just 8 Swag Bucks, and with just 250 total entries available, you have much better odds of winning.

Today’s challenge is certainly attainable, based on your impressive performance yesterday.  If we give away 10 $10 CVS Gift Cards (meaning all 250 entries are snagged 10 times), we will add another Swag Buck to the growing master code (which will be released on Monday, the 29th), bringing the base value up to 11 Swag Bucks!

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I have faith in you!  Go get ’em!