Refer and WIN

I hope everyone is enjoying our Limited Entry Swagstakes promotion that is going on all this week for the hottest and most desirable gift cards.  Yesterday we gave away over $2000 just from our $25 Amazon Gift Card Swagstakes and today we’re planning on doing just that through our $10 CVS Gift Card Swagstakes.

With tomorrow’s card, which will be announced at 10am in the blog tomorrow, we are introducing a very special and exciting opportunity.  If you’ve referred anyone to Swagbucks, you could be a winner!  For everyone who wins tomorrow’s gift card, the referrer of that winner will also get the matching gift card.  Not a bad deal!  So if you have referrals, you might want to encourage them to enter tomorrow’s Gift Card Swagstakes, because it can make YOU a winner, too!

Stay tuned, and be sure to visit the blog tomorrow at 10am to find out what the daily Gift Card is!