Round ‘Em Up!

Happy Monday, everyone! Time to get back into the swing of things…and the Poll Round-Up.

Now I know almost 60% of you said you wouldn’t tattoo a company’s logo on a visible body part to get a 50% lifetime discount on one of your bills, but I’m sure most of you would reconsider when talking about the Swagbucks logo….right? ;o)

I was a little disappointed to see that 44% of you never dress your pet in clothing.  Sometimes I feel that there is nothing cute, or funnier, than a little dog in a fancy dress (you know, for formal occasions, of course).

Looks like we’ve got some well-traveled Swaggernauts, with 40% of you saying you’ve been somewhere across the world.  Very impressive.

I never got much from the tooth fairy.  My mo- I mean the tooth fairy would always gather up some loose change and leave it under my pillow.  Eh, I mean, I get it – how much would YOU pay for an unattached tooth?

So although a quarter of you guys don’t have any kids, it was nice to see that almost 25% of you are not ready for the kids to go back to school, because you cherish the Summer time together.

Almost half of you voted that you were excited for The Help to be released in theaters this past weekend.  Did any of you read the book along with our Book Club last month?

More than half of you are missing out on our weekly TV Sign-Offs in the blog.  Make sure you catch these every Friday at 5pm right here!

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