Swagbucks Book Club and The Help with Swagstakes Too

Wow, what a week we have had!  Each day we have announced a new Limited Entry Gift Card Swagstakes with better odds than ever before and presented you awesome Swaggernauts with a daily challenge to see how many we can give away.  Yesterday’s featured Swagstakes was a $50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card and we posed the challenge of making us give away 3 cards in 24 hours.  Well those cards flew out of here!  In 24 hours we had 7 snagged.  Because you hit the goal we added 3 Swag Bucks to our growing monster code for Monday.  The code is now up to 16 Swag Bucks!  Let’s see what you can do today!

Today’s featured Limited Entry Gift Card Swagstakes should prove popular with our Book Club members – a $5 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!  If we give away 10 of these cards we will add 4 Swag Bucks to Monday’s Swag Code.  You have until 10am Pacific Time tomorrow (8/27/11) to reach that goal.  Plus! I will be hooking up 50 members of the Swag Nation with entries into the $5 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Swagstakes for posting insightful comments below in today’s Book Club discussion.  (Savvy Swaggers will note that I’m covering a full card just with hook ups)


Don’t forget next Friday at 10am PT we will be discussing The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Today’s Book Club Discussion Topic:

By now many of you have both read Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” as well as have seen the movie.  What did you think of the movie adaptation?  Did you agree with some of the changes from the book?  Did they enhance the story or detract?