Swagbucks Fights Lupus

This is Hal from Team Swagbucks. Last week, when I posted about the August Charity Drive for the Lupus Foundation of America, I shared my story of how lupus has affected my life personally. I was truly blown away by the number of people in our community who either suffer from Lupus or have had it touch their lives. For a disease that gets very little attention, it affects so many of us or people we know every single day. That’s why I’m making this month’s Charity Drive personal. I want to see this disease eradicated, and you can help by donating as many Swag Bucks as you can to the Lupus Foundation of AmericaThe Swag Bucks you donate here will be translated into a real cash donation directly to the Lupus Foundation of America.

In less than a week, you’ve collectively donated 56,480 Swag Bucks, which already translates to a donation of $415. I know we can do even better than that!

Let’s work together to make Lupus a thing of the past. Thanks so much for all of your generosity and compassion.