The Art of Referrals

Hello Fellow Swaggernauts,

We have been listening! Recently we’ve noticed users have been writing into our support team asking for more information regarding the referral process.

We have a couple different methods of inviting and promoting SwagBucks to our friends and family. One you can go to the <Promote Tab> at the top of your account, a drop down will appear to the < Promote Banner> this will include your Referral link. You can copy and paste that link into an email, blog, twitter etc.  As you may notice there is new text under the referral link:  “Get referrals by placing a banner or this link above on your website, blog, or social network profile.
Matching Swag Bucks are only rewarded on Swag Bucks won through online search. Earn up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks per referral.”

We have also added a new tab under the FAQ’s section called Invited and Earn.  This is a breakdown of how the process works.

Please note, when you refer a friend, family member co-worker, etc make sure they use your referral link to sign up.  If they navigate away from the page or clear their cookies you will no longer get credit for the sign up.  We have tested the process and it is working without error.

If you do have any general questions about referral process please leave a comment below. For the next hour we will be answering your questions below.