This card will make you fly away

Hey Swaggernauts!

Well done!  You hit the goal yesterday!  We saw 6 people win the $100 Best Buy Gift Card, and 4 winners had been referred to Swagbucks, therefore their referrer received a matching card! That’s 10 $100 Best Buy Gift Cards given away yesterday! Congratulations to all of our winners!  Also, since you guys achieved the goal we are adding 2 SBs to the Master Code we have been building all week.  That brings the total up to 13 SBs for Monday’s code.

And now for the reveal of today’s exciting Gift Card Promotion – it’s a $50 Southwest e-Gift Card.  Now that gives us some clues as to  what happened to TSG and TSGal, along with those missing Limited Entry Swagstakes.  I guess they didn’t want to miss out on this awesome deal – and you shouldn’t either.  This new opportunity we are presenting to you is a 100 SB entry fee with a total of 99 entries available – now that sounds like some pretty amazing odds, don’t you think?  1 out of 99 is a safer bet than your chances of getting the correct order at the drive-thru sometimes. Plus, if we give away 3 $50 Southwest e-Gift Cards today we will add 3 more Swag Bucks to Monday’s Master Code.

$50 Southwest e-Gift Card

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we are tying this promotion into today’s Twitter Trivia.  If you’re one of the trivia winners, you’ll be rewarded with entries to the Swagstakes in addition to your Swag Bucks.  If you win the first question, you’ll get one entry.  If you win the second question, you’ll get 2 entries – 3rd question gives you 3 entries, and the final question will give you 4 entries.  So make sure your noggin is screwed on extra tight today.

Good luck.