Three 1 Swag Buck Tourneys

Greetings, Swaggernauts! TSG here with a great opportunity for anyone even slightly interested in Swagbucks Games – three of our titles will have Special Two Day Tournaments – the more people we have entering, the higher the prize gets – you can enter each tournament for just 1 Swag Buck, and the winner of each tournament will take home a MINIMUM of 100 Swag Bucks. Get ready to test your skill at the following games:

Fyoozed – Our funky, addictive pattern game will have you sweating as you literally connect the dots.

Regate 21 – Like Blackjack? Try playing 4 hands of it at once!

Zip Zap – This classic Defender-style arcade game is all about blowing stuff up, rescuing people and flying around – seems easy, but it definitely takes some skill…

Good luck Swaggernauts – remember, you can start out by practicing in free mode to hone your skills – then go get ’em!