Week In Review – August 27, 2011

Hey there!  I hope everyone is staying safe and dry with the onset of Hurricane Irene.

Let’s take a look at our past week at Swagbucks.

On Monday we introduce the first card in our exciting Limited Entry Swagstakes promotion – the $25 Amazon Gift Card.  You guys asked for cheaper Swagstakes with better odds, and we delivered.  An entry for this card was 50 Swag Bucks with only 99 total entries available.  We gave away $2,175 in Amazon Gift Cards just on Monday alone.

On Tuesday the Limited Entry Swagstakes started for the $10 CVS Gift Card.  This Swagstakes was just 8 Swag Bucks to enter with only 250 total entries available.  We saw over 65 winners on Tuesday, which is over $650 we gave away in CVS Gift Cards just on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we began offering entries to the  $100 Best Buy Gift Card.  Entries started at 8 Swag Bucks with only 2500 total entries available.  To add even more excitement to Wednesday’s promotion, not only did we see quite a few winners take home this $100 Best Buy Gift Card, but every user who referred one of these winners also got a matching $100 Best Buy Gift Card.  It definitely pays to refer your friends!  We also gave away 5 FREE entries to 5 users who beat my score in Crazy Taxi and posted a screen shot of it on Twitter.  I was very impressed at how many of you crushed my score!

$50 Southwest e-Gift Card

Thursday’s card was the $50 Southwest e-Gift Card with entries beginning at 100 Swag Bucks and only 99 total entries available.  We gave away 7 cards in only 24 hours!!  Because Thursday was Twitter Trivia, we gave away FREE entries to our Swaggernauts who won a Twitter Trivia question.  Happy travels to our winners!

On Friday we introduced the Swagstakes for the $5 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  With entries starting at 20 Swag Bucks and only 50 total entries available, your odds of winning are much greater.  If you participated in Friday’s Book Club discussion, you might have been hooked up with FREE entries to this Swagstakes.  Becky from Team Swagbucks hooked up 50 Swaggernauts with entries just for posting insightful comments in the Book Club discussion.

Congratulations to all of our winner!  I hope that you are enjoying these new Limited Entry Swagstakes!

Have a good, fun, and safe weekend!