Ask The Swag Gal – September 14, 2011

Fun and exciting afterschool activities can be hard to come by.  There’s not a whole lot kids want to do after a long and grueling day at school, besides sit in front of the TV.  Hopefully this list will help to light up some eyes at home.

  • Afterschool sports are always great, because it keeps them active.  Whether it’s football or figure skating, find the sport that makes your child happy, and it’ll be something they’ll look forward to every week.
  • Music lessons are a great extracurricular activity, because it teaches a new skill.  It’s also a great way to discover talents you may or may not had known your child had.
  • Art classes really allow your child’s imagination to run wild, along with developing and improving their fine motor skills.
  • Clubs at school are a great thing to get involved with.  Whether it’s student council, Girl Scouts, or the debate club, students with similar interests can come together to participate in fun, educational, and bonding activities.
  • The library is a great place to take the kids after a day at school.  They have tons of books and videos that can keep the little ones occupied for hours.  Also, libraries typically have great, free programs for kids, such as a story-telling hour.
  • For the older kids, volunteering is a wonderful thing to do after school.  Whether it’s babysitting the neighbors kids or helping out at the soup kitchen, volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community and buildup your resume.
If you have a great idea for a fun and exciting afterschool activity, leave it in the comments section below.
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