Ask the Swag Gal – September 7, 2011

Today’s question comes from a Swaggernaut looking to bring the romance back into her relationship:

“I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and I’m wondering about new ways to keep our romance alive. I’m looking for ideas other than the typical “date night” answers. I’m hoping you have some good thoughts to share with me.”

As much as you love someone, it can be hard to find excitement and romance in everyday life when you’re years into a relationship.  Sure you can go on a nice weekend getaway, or have a date night together, but what else can you do to keep the romance alive?  Well, I did some research and came up with a list of ideas that I think any couple can appreciate.

Secret Password

Choose a word that is likely to come up in typical conversation.  Make an agreement that every time someone uses that word, you have to kiss.

Turn Dinner into a Dining Experience

Every so often, pull out your nicest dishes and light some candles – even if you’re just chowing down on some pizza.  It’s the mood that sets the romantic scene, not the food.  So throw a nice bouquet of flowers in a vase, turn down the lights, and put on your favorite romantic music as you enjoy a nice meal together.

Dance the Night Away

Slow dancing is very intimate and romantic.  Spend 15 minutes practicing your favorite couples dance, whether it be the tango or some square dancing.  It’s a fun activity that will add some groove, rhythm, and laughs to your lives.

Send a Treat

-If you know that your guy/girl is not having the best day, send something to cheer him/her up.  Ladies, the key to a man’s heart is food.  So, call up his favorite restaurant and have them deliver his favorite appetizer!  Guys, every girl loves flowers – especially when they show up unexpectedly.

Send a Love Letter

-Whether you’re living together or not, it’s always nice to get letters in the mail.  Write a handwritten letter telling him/her how much you love her/him, stamp it, and put it in the mailbox.  It will be a nice, welcomed surprise.

Get Lost 

-Pick an obscure location to visit, maybe a bar or a park that you’ve never gone to, and leave clues as to where you can be found.  You can plan it out for the whole day so that you send a clue every hour on the hour to keep it exciting and suspenseful.  This is a fun, different, and rewarding way to spice up your typical date night.

Do any of our Swaggernauts have any ideas on keeping the romance alive?


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