“Pad” Your Labor Day Winnings

In exactly 24 hours, in the VERY MIDDLE of Labor Day, we’re giving away a brand-spankin’-new iPad 2 through our Limited Time Swagstakes. With two cameras (one front-facing for use with the FaceTime app) and a lighter, sleeker design, it’s the perfect prize to give away on a day when we’re all supposed to take it a little easier.

Just enter the iPad 2 Limited Time Swagstakes. If you’ve got the reserves, I’d recommend snagging a bunch of entries all at once – that way you’re increasing your chances of winning while saving yourself Swag Bucks.

Who wouldn’t want an all-in-one music player, gaming device, photo album, movie theater, notepad, web browser, email handler, street map and video communicator? With the addition of iCloud, your iPad will reach an all new level of cool.

Good luck, Swaggernauts, and have a great Labor Day!