SB Preview: 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest

Normally, every Friday TSG is previewing the movies that come out to get you excited for the weekend. Today, however, TSG’s previewing something that’s coming next week – the return of the Swag Bucks Pumpkin Carving Contest! If you weren’t around when we did it last year, it was a challenge to the Swag Nation to create original pumpkin carvings incorporating Swagbucks into the design. Here’s last year’s winner:

Pretty crazy, right? This pumpkin had some stiff competition, too – check out all the submissions from last year. Starting on Monday, we’re giving all of you the chance to show off your creative skills, so check back here on Monday for the rules and learn how you can win the grand prize of 5000 Swag Bucks and the chance to have your pumpkin carving immortalized on a collectible Swag Buck Bill!

You’ll be able to follow the action on Twitter using the #sbpumpkins hashtag. In fact, let’s start the fun now – find a picture of a crazy, creative pumpkin carving and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #sbpumpkins – I’ll hook 3 of you up with 150 Swag Bucks each!

Get those carving kits ready…