Swagbucks Book Club – Let The Games Begin

Welcome to this month’s Swagbucks Book Club discussion.  Today we will be discussion The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins but as usual, we have just a little bit of business before we begin.

The next Book Club selection is The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard.  The Kindle version is available in the Swag Store for 1799 SBs or if you are a NOOK fan we have a Barnes & Noble Gift Card available.  Check the Special Offers section for any number of book retailers where you earn Swag Bucks in return.  Finally there is the ever popular amazon.com card or your local library.  Whichever method you choose please join us the first Friday in October when we discuss this intriguing novel.

Now on to The Hunger Games. I will post discussion topics in the comments to make it easy to respond in the thread.  Also, I will be hooking up those who contribute insightful comments with 50 Swag Bucks.  The discussion will continue all weekend so feel free to drop in when you can and leave a comment.

A word of caution: Please only discuss this first book in the trilogy.  Some of us have not yet read the remaining two books and would hate to have them spoiled.