Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

With Music Monday upon us, I wanted to announce some awesome trading cards that we’ve just introduced to the Swag Store.  Who’s ready for some vintage trading cards of their favorite music artists and bands?  Remember the good old days when you had Janet Jackson hanging on your bedroom wall for you to drool over every night?  Or perhaps it was the George Michael poster you would kiss every night before you went to bed.  Whoever it was that you were gaga over, you can now relive those memories with the help of Swagbucks.

Tina Turner fan?  Snag the 1991 Tina Turner trading card for 250 Swag Bucks.

If you have “faith,” you’ll probably want to snag the 1991 George Michael trading card for 225 Swag Bucks.

You might think you can’t touch this, but for only 300 Swag Bucks you CAN touch the 1991 M.C. Hammer trading card.

And for all you material girls out there, pick up the 1991 Madonna trading card for just 300 Swag Bucks.

To see all of the music trading cards, click here.  Make sure to check back, because we will be adding new cards to the collection this week!

Happy Reminiscing!