Tasks Have Changed

Some of you may have noticed some recent changes regarding Swagbucks Tasks.  Remember when you used to do Tasks and you’d have to scoot away from the computer to tend to your crying baby?  Or how about when you were just about done with that one task, but then that storm hit and you lost power.  It used to be that until you finished that task, you would not be rewarded.  But, times have changed, my friends.

Now when you visit the Task wall, you’ll see this notification:

Underneath, you’ll see the list of available tasks with their corresponding Swag Buck amount that can now be earned PER PAGE of your task (some tasks add your earnings after two completed pages).  When you click on the task that interests you, you’ll see a status bar on the top left of the screen.  This is your piggy bank:

This piggy bank will increase as you complete pages of a task.  You can even jump around from task to task and your status bar will keep its balance.  As soon as you earn at least 20 Swag Bucks, your account will be credited.  Make sure that as soon as you arrive at the task page, you click on the piggy bank to determine the guidelines that correspond with that specific task:

So in this example, you will earn 14 Swag Bucks for every page you complete.  That means that once you complete two pages, your account will be credited with 28 Swag Bucks.  Why?  Because the minimum amount required in order to be credited is 20 Swag Bucks.  Here, every page pays out 14 Swag Bucks, so after two pages you would have earned 28 Swag Bucks.  Once those Swag Bucks have been credited (which should take affect within an hour), your piggy bank will start back at zero.   However, if you only have time to complete one page, your status bar will be at 14 Swag Bucks, and will remain there (whether or not you stay on that page) until you earn at least 6 more Swag Bucks from any task.

I hope these changes make completing tasks much more manageable, convenient, doable, and rewarding.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


P.S. – Enter for 5SB by 4pm PDT! 🙂