Your Favorite Polls: Which Will Get YOUR Vote?

If you remember, at the beginning of August we told you to “Like” your favorite Swagbucks Daily Polls on Facebook, because the top 5 would be featured in a blog post, and the winner of a vote held there would take home 1000 Swag Bucks! Well, by our calendar, September has begun, and that means we have the 5 most “Liked” Swaggernaut-submitted polls of the month here for you to check out. Vote below for your favorite of these – you have until 11:59pm PDT tonight (Friday, September 2nd) to cast your vote! If you’re curious, you can click on poll question to see the results for that particular Daily Poll:

Which of these is your favorite ethnic cuisine to eat?

What is your favorite memory of going back to school when you were in grade school?

How often do you buy concessions (popcorn,soda,etc.) when you go to the movies?

How often do you think kids should get a new backpack for school?

Do you like it when the stranger next to you on a flight engages you in conversation?

Now that you’ve seen the questions, it’s time to vote for your favorite! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 6th right here in the blog!

Don’t forget, each of these finalists has already scored 100 Swag Bucks for having the poll they submitted to used on the site!