Your Surveys Dashboard got a Makeover!

As many of you may have noticed there have been some changes that were recently made to the  Trusted Surveys Dashboard.  Here is a quick rundown on what you will find on the new Trusted Surveys Dashboard.

Access to More Surveys
One of the first changes you will notice is the section that allows you to tak surveys that are not available in your Trusted Surveys Dashboard.  This “Qualify For a New Survey” link will take you into a survey router that allows you to qualify for even more surveys than you previously had access to.  This box will let you know how many surveys are available to qualify for and the total payout.
With the new dashboard changes you will now see which profiles you have not completed right on the dashboard homepage.  Remember, filling out the profiles allows more targeted and higher paying surveys to be sent your way.  It’s also an easy way to earn a few Swag Bucks.
My Survey Info
Previously called “My Survey ID”, “My Survey Info” will take you to your initial survey registration page.  Check this page from time-to-time to make sure you have updated all your information and not skipped any questions in the registration questionnaire.
Well, these aren’t the only changes we’ve made to your survey experience.

You’ve asked and we listened!  Starting today at 10am PST, for a limited time only,  instead of receiving 1 Swag Buck when you visit the Trusted Surveys Page, you will now be awarded 1 Swag Buck when you attempt to take a survey and are Disqualified or the survey was Over Quota.  You can receive this 1 Swag Buck incentive up to 5 times a day. Be sure that you answer all surveys honestly and take time to fully answer all questions.