5, 50, 500

Have you guys been racking in your referrals for our 5 for 5 promotion?  In case you didn’t know, all throughout 2011, you have a shot at earning a 500 Swag Buck bonus!  How?  Get at least 5 new referrals who are NOT members of your household or sharing an address with you to earn 50 Swag Bucks after joining, not including any bonuses they may get during sign up.  Sounds simple enough!  If you achieve this goal, your bonus will be applied at the end of the month that you completed the challenge in.  So, if you get 5 NEW referrals to earn at least 50 Swag Bucks AFTER joining during October, you’ll earn your 500 bucks at the end of this month.

To help you bring on those referrals, we are releasing a new registration code that is worth an extra 50 Swag Bucks upon signing up.  That means that any new member who registers with this code will start out with 80 Swag Bucks!  Not too shabby!  Just remember, the 50 Swag Bucks they need to earn in order to qualify you for your 500 Swag Buck bonus must be earned IN ADDITION to the 80 Swag Bucks they are starting out with.  That means that any new member who uses this new registration code must have a  total of 130 Swag Bucks before you can count that referral towards your 5.  The registration code is “JoinToday” and it is valid until Monday, October 24th at 12pm PDT.  Remember, this code is only good for NEW MEMBERS.

Get crackin’!

Good luck!