Announcing… 5 for 5!

We were recently looking at the promotional calendar for the rest of 2011, and it’s literally chock full of goodies for all of you! The one thing we couldn’t wait for, though, was to launch the 5 For 5 Promotion! The way it works is simple:

– Get at least 5 new referrals who are NOT members of your household or sharing an address with you.

– Each referral must earn 50 Swag Bucks after joining, not including any bonuses they may get during sign up.

– Once your 5 (or more) referrals each earn that minimum of 50 Swag Bucks, you’ve qualified for a bonus of 500 Swag Bucks, which will be applied at the end of each month, so if you’ve get it done in October, you’ll earn your bonus early! If you earn it in November, you’ll get your bonus then. Only one bonus per person. Remember, this is on top of the 1000 in matching search wins you can earn from each referral you get!

We’re giving you the rest of 2011 to get this done, so be sure to get cracking on getting those referrals. We’ll be here on the blog giving you tips on getting referrals and special registration codes for you to convince people to join.

Good Luck!