Carve out the Bucks

Hey there my Swaggy Sculptors!  Our Pumpkin Carving Contest is now in full swing and as impressive as ever!  We’ve received some amazing entries so far – it’s definitely going to be hard to pick the finalists!  If you haven’t submitted your pumpkin yet, you have until Friday, October 14th, at 12pm PDT to do so, so get carving!  Make sure your entry follows all of the guidelines, though, or else it will be considered invalid.  Click here to see what qualifies as a valid entry.

If you would like to check out all of the submissions so far, and I suggest you do, visit our Flickr page.  You can access our Flickr page either from the left-side rail on the homepage, from the Wibiya bar where it says “Photo Feed,” or by clicking here.

I am blown away by the talent among our Swaggernauts.  Carving pumpkins is not an easy task, yet you guys have managed to take on the challenge and come up with amazing masterpieces!  Keep ’em coming!