Exciting News for SBTV

Okay – who’s ready for the exciting news regarding SBTV?  Because you guys seem to have taken well to SBTV, we’re finding more ways for you to earn and get enjoyment out of this feature.  I informed you yesterday in the blog that there would be changes coming to SBTV.  In order to prepare for the changes, we needed to re-implement the Captchas on SBTV.  Why?  Because the daily earning limit of 75 Swag Bucks is getting DOUBLED for a limited time!  That means that starting today and until the end of the year, your daily earning limit on SBTV is 150 Swag Bucks!!  That’s 75 bonus Swag Bucks every single day!  If you play your cards right, you’ll earn almost 10,000 Swag Bucks by the end of the year!  You’ll be looking at a very Merry Christmas this year just by earning bucks from SBTV.

In addition to the doubled limit, we’ve just added a ton of new content to SBTV.  Swagbucks TV is now home to over 40,000 videos and is growing daily!  Our News, Entertainment, and Homes & Gardens channels are now filled with new and exciting videos for you to check out and help you earn.  To get you in the Halloween spirit, here’s one of our new videos where you’ll watch as Martha Stewart gets a spooky transformation!

Click here to view the video.

So….what do you think of the new changes?