House Party

I’m always mesmerized by the light shows that people create for the holidays.  I’ve never actually seen one in person, but I’ll just sit on my computer on YouTube and watch video after video of different light shows.  One of my favorites was always the show set to the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  The way they had the timing set up so that the lights went with the beat and different lights lit up for different parts of the song was simply amazing.  I cannot imagine how much time and effort goes into creating such a masterpiece like that.  That one’s been my favorite for a while now, until, of course, I saw this one this morning.  I had never seen a light show created for Halloween, and after this one, I’m not sure there’s any point in creating another one.  This video, in my opinion, cannot be beaten!  It’s entertaining, brilliant, fun, and just incredible.  Check it out:

Now that’s a house party!  It’s amazing to me how they actually make it look like the pumpkins are singing!  Apparently, all of the lights, faces, and props were custom made by the homeowner.  If you’re in the Riverside, CA area, I highly suggest checking this out in person.  If it’s this impressive over a YouTube video, I can only imagine how it must look in person!

Pass it on!