Let’s Play Dress-Up

From Brett Holt's photostream

Halloween tends to be a lot of kids’ favorite holiday.  It’s the one day a year that they can dress up as whatever they want and go from door-to-door collecting candy and treats.  Although there are a lot of reasons to love Halloween, there are also a lot of precautions to take to ensure a safe, yet still enjoyable, holiday for your children.  Make sure you check every piece of candy that is put in your child’s trick-or-treat bag, checking that everything is completely wrapped and that there are no choking hazards.  It’s also extremely important that you travel from house-to-house with your kids.  Do not let them walk around alone.  There are even precautions you should take when picking out their costume and getting them ready to go.  Check out this video from Swagbucks TV that gives some great tips for a safe Halloween.

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What are your kids planning on dressing up as this Halloween?