Make a Kinection

Have you ever tried out Xbox 360’s newest addition, Xbox Kinect?  It incorporates some of the coolest technologies, allowing you to actually get inside your favorite game.  With the Kinect Sensor, you can enter a world where YOU are the controller – every move your body makes is reflected virtually right on your TV.  Check out this video from SBTV that demonstrates the amazing capabilities that come with the Xbox Kinect.

Pretty cool stuff.  And if you didn’t know, we are offering an Xbox 360 WITH Kinect through our Swagstakes.  For as little as 24 Swag Bucks, YOU could be the lucky winner!  This sleek and powerful machine features a gloss black finish, a 250GB hard drive and Wi-Fi capability for a faster and easier connection to Xbox Live to stream HD movies and TV shows or download games in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound.  This Swagstakes comes bundles with the Kinect Sensor, allowing you to jump into the action and control your entertainment with the wave of a hand using advanced motion-sensing technologies.  The lucky winner of this Swagstakes will also receive the Kinect Adventures game so that you and your friends can explore the world through 20 adventures.  Dodge through challenging obstacle courses, paddle through roaring rapids, and so much more!

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