Poll Round-Up – Week of October 15, 2011

Hey Swaggernauts!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Let’s check out the results from last week’s Daily Polls.


Should I be embarrassed to admit that I don’t know who Boba Fett is? I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad since 40% of you voted for “Batman and who?”

I absolutely loved Avatar – I felt like I was a part of Pandora. I’m sure there was a lot of CGI used in Avatar, and I have to say that the 3D experience is what made the movie. The imagery they created was unbelievable and, I believe, crucial to the success of the film.

I love geography games – they’re addicting and I learn so much from them! I now know the flag, location, and shape of almost every country in the world, all thanks to geography games. You can play these games right from Swagbucks Games!

I like to keep the books I’ve read after I read them. That way, I can lend them to a friend if it’s one I recommend, or maybe keep it for later on in life when I’ll pick it back up again for another read.

It’s nice to see we have so many avid readers, as almsot 40% of you said that you enjoy reading now just as much as you used to. Do you partake in our Swagbucks Book Club every Friday at 10am PDT in the blog?

I usually decide what book I’m going to read based on recommendation or good reviews. Typically I don’t pay that much attention to the title when choosing my next novel.

I’m a big Rowan Atkinson fan – in fact, my whole family is – so I’m looking forward to seeing the new Johnny English movie! I think the Bean character is just hilarious! We actually have a Mr. Bean mask in my family that we like to use to play tricks on each other. You never expect it, and out of nowhere someone will pop out and get you with the darn Bean mask!

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