Swagbucks Book Club-Col Mustard with a Candlestick in the Library

Welcome Swagbucks Book Club Fans-

The Scent of Rain and LightningToday we will be discussing the gripping murder mystery The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard. Set in a small Kansas town where “the heat hangs over the story, along with a sense of impending doom, as the plot moves inexorably forward. It is hard not to root for these damaged but unbowed characters.” – Contra Costa Times.  I hope you enjoyed this selection as much as I did.

I also want to share exciting news that Swagbucks will be celebrating the Book Club all next week with special promotions and prizes!  Watch for daily announcements here in the blog as well as on the Swagbucks homepage and in your Swagbucks Inbox.

And don’t forget our next Book Club selection is the classic To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  This selection is not available in eBook form but there are still plenty of ways to acquire the physical book and earn or use Swag Bucks in the process.  Check out the TrialPay tab on the Special Offers page for several book club offers that pay up to 900 SBs upon completion.  Or use the Barnes & Noble or Amazon Gift Cards.  Finally, there is you local library or used book store.

I will begin today’s discussion by posting a question here but watch for subsequent topics in the comments section.  Feel free to comment in the thread or post our own thoughts on this book.  As usual, I have a pot of 2,000 Swag Bucks I will be distributing  throughout the weekend to those contributing insightful comments.



There are two main themes in the novel which are not always mutually exclusive — revenge and forgiveness.  What does The Scent of Rain and Lightning tell us about revenge, and what does it tell us about forgiveness?  Which characters bridge the gap between those two extremes?  If you were in their shoes would you have followed the same path or reacted differently?