The Hunt Is On!

Okay, Swaggernauts – it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the highest valued code of the day.  Because this code is so valuable, you’ll need to do some work in order to find it.  Follow all of the steps correctly and you’ll be lead to a Swag Code worth 25 Swag Bucks!  This hunt will take you all over the Swag Store.  You will be asked to search the Swag Store for different things.  When you land on the search results, your next clue will be waiting in the product descriptions of one of the items in the search results.  In addition to a clue, you’ll also find a letter at each step of the way.  After you find all of the clues, you should have a total of 6 letters.  You’ll need to unscramble these to form a common word, and then search that word in the Swag Store to find your code.  You have until 6:30pm 7:00 PDT.

Start here:

Search the Swag Store for the thing that falls off of a tree during the Fall season.

Good luck!