The Look for Less – Candyland

This month’s Look for Less is appropriately themed for Halloween.  Yesterday I had you vote on what do-it-yourself Halloween costume you’d like us to put together and you chose Candyland!  So now I’m going to highlight how you can transform into the jolly and sugary-sweet version of yourself.

First of all, you’ll need a bright and colorful dress, preferably in the Candyland colors (bright pink, purple, green, blue, etc.).  I found this adorable and perfect dress at Kohl’s for only $9.99!

Next you’ll want to get some cute and colorful knee-high socks to keep the Candyland theme going.  I found this awesome 4-pack for only $4.80 at Kmart.

Here’s where the costume gets fun…and delicious!  Stock up on candy – preferable fun and easily recognizable candy.  You’ll want to get at least one of these Sweet Time Giant Lollipops that I found at Walgreens for just $1.  Paste and/or pin them anywhere on your dress.

After you’ve got all of the main pieces of the costume together, go out and get a bunch of your favorite candy.  After you’re done eating it, paste or pin all of the leftovers onto your dress in different places, until you feel like you look like a good representation of Candyland.

Finish off the look by putting your hair in pigtails with bright-colored bows.

A cute Halloween costume for under 20 bucks?  We did it!!  Remember, all of these items were found using Swagbucks’ Shop & Earn.

For today only, I will hook up anyone who posts a picture of herself wearing their version of the Candyland costume with 100 Swag Bucks!  You must follow these guidelines:

  • The picture must be posted in the comments section of the post (paste the link to the photo in your comment)
  • The picture must be of yourself
  • The picture must have been taken today and for this contest only
  • You must be smiling!

Have fun!