BOO!  Happy Halloween, Swaggernauts!!  I hope everyone is off to a fun and festive start this morning.  In honor of Halloween we are sending you trick-or-treating around Swag Central to collect some Swag Bucks – 19 of them, in fact.  Keep your eyes open, because you never know when a new treat might pop up.  Each treat is worth a certain amount of Swag Bucks.  You’ll need to redeem it in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks Homepage in order to find out how much it’s worth.  These codes will resemble something you might find in your trick-or-treat bag.  It might look something like this: TootsieRoll.  Make sure to check back right here in this blog post throughout the day, because I will be posting hints as to where you can find your next treat.  Have fun!

Clue 1: To find the next treat, go on your way

to the place you vote everyday (You have until 11:15am PDT)

Clue 2: Another code just crept out of its grave,

and landed on the page where you print and save (You have until 1pm PDT)

clue 3: I just got a message from the Halloween Bat,

who said to check the place in which you would chat

Clue 4: You might find something good to eat

If you check our latest Tweet (You have until 3:45pm PDT)


Clue 5: This last treat doesn’t take much luck

just visit the place you’d earn a “special” buck 


P.S. – The treat in this blog post is good until 8am PDT and it’s one of my favorites!