Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – October 12, 2011

Yesterday’s TTPTP asked you if you were locked in a room with no windows and no doors for 24 hours, what would you bring to keep yourself sane?

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50 SB are:

“@SwagBucks If I were locked in a room for 24 hours I would want paint & I would paint all 4 walls and maybe even the floor & ceiling. #TTPTP” – magsthegopher of Fort Rucker, AL

“#TTPTP I would bring a pack of Doublemint gum. It doubles my pleasure and doubles my fun… :D” – marshaecleveland of Warsaw, IN

“@SwagBucks #TTPTP If locked in a room for twenty four hours I would bring my bichon frise Ari. She is entertaining and doubles as a pillow.” – Cheerab22 of Bossier City, LA

And this week’s TTPTP winner, who will be the owner of 500 fresh Swag Bucks is…

“is there a toilet ? if not i would probably bring one of those #ttptp”

Congratulations, @fUzZi_LoGiK. (Please DM me your Swag Name)

Great job everyone!

Until next time,