3-2-1 Contact!

You know TSG loves all the Swaggernauts and we do our best to offer you the best possible experience on Swagbucks.  Sometimes things may not go as planned and you need to contact Swagbucks Support.  Luckily we have the best customer service team in the business here to answer questions and help solve issues Monday through Friday from 9-6 Pacific Time., but you can submit a ticket 24/7 using the Contact Us link found at the bottom of the home page.



You might notice we have made some improvements to the Contact Us form to help solve your issue faster.  Now you can choose from a wider variety of topics in the drop down menu.

Other improvements include the ability to Upload screenshots when submitting tickets for Special Offers!  Simply click the big Upload a file button on the form and choose the screenshot to include.

But my favorite improvement has to be the drop down menu when submitting a ticket about a prize.  Let’s say you want to know when a prize is going to ship.  Choose Prize then Shipping Times and instantly you will have a complete prize history of everything you’ve ever ordered to make it easier for you to reference the prize in question.

Of course we hope everything always runs smoothly but if you ever need to reach us the best place for the most correct info and in the most efficient manner is to use the Contact Us form.  If that time comes I hope you will find this new and improved form just that, new and improved!